Why start a blog?

One thing I have noticed from working in UX is that the concept of user experience itself isn’t exactly the most usable… as most people don’t even know what it is! So, I’m trying to create a space where I can give useful advice and tell stories that help to make it more accessible for everyone, as I think it’s so important.

Users come in all shapes and sizes!

What can I find here?

This is a space for me to showcase my current projects, write about interesting things that have caught my eye, share my observations and top tips, and engage with fellow UX-ers, who may have their own stories to tell. My brain splurge about all things UX.

It’s still new so content, layout and navigation will probably change quite quickly, depending on what people want to see from the site, so get in touch if you have any content ideas! There’s no rules here.

Why ‘UX Diary’?

I chose the idea of a diary to try and make that gap a little less scary for anyone who might be interested in UX and want to know more…but who might not understand all of the terminology and themes and maybe even feel a bit intimidated!

I’m trying to mix technical vocab and ideas with more relatable content, so that everyone can engage with some level of UX. You might end up seeing some questionable drawings and hearing some odd stories along the way, but hopefully this might be what’s needed to make things click.

Who are you?

My name’s Helen. I graduated with First Class Honours in English Literature at the University of Manchester (UK) and am now living at home (a small seaside town in North East England) while I work remotely as a User Researcher for the UK Home Office.

I started at the Home Office in September 2020 after being the Usability Intern at The National Library of Scotland for around 12 months. I’m passionate about using user research to improve digital services for people, especially for things that so many people use!

I love engaging with people, asking questions and allowing everyone to have access to the amazing things that are available online, everywhere. That’s part of the reason I made this blog, because I feel like everyone should be paying attention to UX and trying to be a part of it.

What should I do here?

Please get in touch, comment and subscribe. Ask me difficult questions! I love to hear all kinds of feedback and I am fast learning that the more you know about UX, the more you realise you don’t know.

So please, have a scroll and a click! Get in touch via my contact page (I’m available via email, social media and the contact form). Stay curious!